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box sash window repairs

We repair box sash windows. If you simply need Sash cord replacement or new sash Window locks fitted then get in touch. We also offer draught-proofing and glazing / double glazing services as well as supplying and fitting new for you.


box sash window renovations

Looking to restore and conserve the beauty, charm and traditional style of your period property with elegant sash windows. We are experts in repairing and restoring your sash windows to their original splendour. We draw on a wealth of experience when we install, reinstall, fit, renovate and restore wooden sash windows in conservation areas and for listed buildings.

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new replace sash windows brighton


New sash windows

We can supply and fit the finest hardwood or softwood box sash windows with bespoke joinery. Our new box frames and sash windows are built and installed to your requirements with meticulous attention to detail.

Our wooden sash windows are individually crafted for an authentic finish. Timelessly beautiful hand-crafted wooden sash windows made from softwood or hardwood throughout.


Fitting and installation

From stately Period homes to modern residential Sussex properties, we professionally install wooden sash windows to replicate the ageless design with the finest detail. Over the years, we have worked on complete renovation projects, the construction of new builds, house extensions and on commercial buildings such as period office buildings.

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draft proofing old windows



We offer a range of draught proofing services for your sash windows. From existing sash window repairs to installing restrictor strips.

We strip down your originals, clean and install draft-proofing beads, staff beads and window furniture to seal your windows around the sashes, bringing you up to the levels of modern windows.


accoustic sound proofing

Need more peace and quiet and/or would like to reduce exterior traffic noise? 

The Box Sash Company are experts in acoustic double gazing glass options. We supply and fit acoustic glass from reputable companies with great thermal and acoustic performance.

Get in touch now to find out more!

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